More than 20,000 individual part numbers and counting.
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Online Catalog

Customer has the ability to inventory his entire load with the online access provided. Customer can review all sales submitted to Courage Metals through our Sales History option. Database is compatible via Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices.

Sample Analysis

Another great benefit for our customers is that any part not found in our system we can purchase for analysis. We can agree on a price or we can pay you the true value once analyzing the sample. For companies who want to Test any amount, we can analyze every sample without charge and include your samples into your lots.

Refining/Selling by Assay Result

This process is the most efficient way to recover the true values of Pt, Pd, Rh your converters contain. We require a minimum of 1,000 pounds or 500 converters for a lot. Material is sampled and assayed in a short period of time to provide suppliers with a final assay report in 15 days. Terms and conditions are custom fit to the necessities of our suppliers.

Precious Metal Hedging

Courage Metals suppliers have the option of hedging or locking in the precious metal content prior to selling their scrap catalytic converters. Courage Metals has many options to hedge the precious metal to protect suppliers and make substantial profits.


Courage Metals is able to handle all shipping needs both in the United States and Mexico. For customers shipping scrap catalytic converters we can cover the shipping cost. For any shipping request you can call the office close to your area and arrange a pick up at any time. All shipping labels or Bill of Lading will be taken care of by Courage Metals.